Home Computer Security – Una guida in inglese per la sicurezza informatica

Cercherò di ottenere il permesso per tradurre questa guida in Italiano…

Home Computer Security

Table of Contents

Thinking About Securing Your Home Computer
Things You Ought To Know
What Should I Do To Secure My Home Computer?

Task 1 – Install and Use Anti-Virus Programs
Task 2 – Keep Your System Patched
Task 3 – Use Care When Reading Email with Attachments
Task 4 – Install and Use a Firewall Program
Task 5 – Make Backups of Important Files and Folders
Task 6 – Use Strong Passwords
Task 7 – Use Care When Downloading and Installing Programs
Task 8 – Install and Use a Hardware Firewall
Task 9 – Install and Use a File Encryption Program and Access Controls

Home Computer Security